Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Early train

So, the second or third time in the entirety of 2011 that I've managed to catch the 4:07pm express train from Central that gets me home prior to 6:30. Sigh. How depressing is that?

Loving this time of year in Sydney, a large chunk of the Mon - Fri population is taking Xmas holidays, so for those of us left who have only taken the public holidays, it's a lot less crowded, a lot quieter at work and we can all wear casual attire in the office. Including, but not limited to the mismatched nail polish/dress combo pictured above. Hells yeah, Barbie pink nails!

BUT most importantly, we all get to leave the office early for the next 3 days. Which means I'll get the crowded, heavily air conditioned express 3 days in a row. AMAZE.

Yours in Barbie pink,
Kat xx

Need something to read on your early train?

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